Walk-In Coolers

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All of our walk-in coolers are built to suit. We do not do one size fits all. We take your information and we utilize the space you have available to optimize your cold storage needs. We strive to give a little more. Refrigeration is upsized when appropriate to adjust to changes in your operations so you are not limited by temperatures inside your cooler. 4 foot long LED lights come standard and are bright enough for you and your employees to do their jobs. We stand by our coolers. We complete the entire job, where other companies may sell you the cooler and leave the rest up to you. This gives you single point accountability when dealing with Georgia Cooler. We only require electrical power to be ran for the refrigeration as well as any penetrations to your roof or building foundation. If you do not have electrical or roofing sources, we can recommend contractors on our approved vendor’s list.