Do you have someone that can install the walk-in?

Yes. We are a turnkey operation. We design, install and hook up all the refrigeration. That way if the customer has any problems, they only have one company to call to resolve the problem

What is the lead time for your walk-ins?

Lead times vary depending on the time of year and the size of your project. Our standard lead time that we strive hard to keep is 4-5 weeks. This is from the time the deposit is made until it is assembled on the jobsite. If you have a rush job, please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

How long is the price on the quote good for?

30 days from the date on the quote.

Can I change the specifications on my job after it has been started?

Changes can always be made to any project. It depends how far in the manufacturing process the job is when the change occurs. Some changes may extend the lead time of your project. Changes may add to the cost also.

Is there a difference between a walk-in that is installed indoors and one that is installed outdoors?

Yes. Outdoor walk-ins require a rubber roof membrane or a roof to be built over them. The refrigeration is also different. The door has to have a rain shield.

How are the rising cost of raw materials affecting walk-in prices?

The ever-increasing cost of raw materials is a constant challenge. We at Georgia Cooler are always looking for ways to control cost and be more efficient so that we can keep our prices as low as possible.

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